Song of the Sea- Return to Suffolk

So, 15 years after my last Suffolk exhibition- at the Pond Gallery, Snape- I return with a new collection of paintings. Some of them are painted on top of prints that I actually showed at the 2007 exhibition so there is a link. These new paintings are firmly set in the landscape and seascape tradition but hopefully there is still some recognisable Corbettness about them. I always hope to create a work that captures a "Sense of Place" and is somewhere that each viewer can inhabit in their mind. Hopefully this place gives them chance to pause and breathe in this busy life of ours and, in a time of negative news, a place that allows them to feel safe and at peace.

I am always apprehensive before making a journey with my work to a new gallery. What will the work look like? Will people visit? Have I finished everything? Are the prices right? For quite a solitary artist like myself, 7 hours in the gallery is a long time to "expose" myself to the public, but it is always a positive experience.

We are really looking forward to seeing the Aldeburgh coast after so long. We are going to visit Orford on the way, and Nick's grave at Iken Church. We are seeing Cary's son's new home in Wickham Market and we are catching up with friends.

Here is the gallery front. I look forward to my paintings being in the window from Thursday 6th- 12th October.

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